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Join the movement toward a happy, healthy, and connected retirement. We're building a global family of new, existing, and soon-to-be retirees to learn, share, and discuss all of the non-financial aspects of retirement. Things like replacing your work identity, staying connected to family and friends, keeping mentally and physically healthy, as well as spiritually grounded.

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Exclusive Membership Library Founder Robert Laura is one of the most extensive retirement writers of our time. Get immediate access to his most timely, creative, and insightful articles and blogs. You'll find celebrity interviews, essential messages about retirement wellness, as well as educational and insightful articles on retirement income.

Three Things No One Tells You About Retirement

Whether it's looking at the dark side of retirement, treating your health as your most prized asset, or looking at retirement as a powerful metaphor, there are a number of things that never make it into traditional retirement discussions, let alone get planned for. Current and soon-to-be retirees need to...

How To Prepare Your Marriage For Retirement

Whether you have remarried or are celebrating a milestone anniversary, you know that men and women tend to have their own thoughts and ideas when it comes to just about everything, including retirement. That makes it critical for couples to take the time to communicate their thoughts and...

How To Start A Business For Retirement Income

Whether you have remarried or are celebrating a milestone anniversary, you know that men and women tend to have their own thoughts and ideas when it comes to just about everything, including retirement. That makes it critical for couples to take the time to communicate their thoughts and...

Naked Retirement

  • Make retirement a time of life that is truly meaningful
  • Replace your work identity and re-invent yourself
  • Initiate important conversations to strengthen relationships
  • Avoid the dark side of retirement
  • Develop wellness habits for your body, mind, and spirit...and more

The Art And Science Of A Successful Retirement

Does retirement planning have to be so serious? We don't think so. That's why we created this fun and interesting guide to help new and future retirees see the important connection between the personal and financial aspects. A side of retirement that can include pets, golf clubs, wine and...

Seven Retirement Questions You're Afraid To Ask

Retirement can come with some unanswered questions, including more personal situations that can cause unnecessary worry and anxiety. No matter your situation, you're not alone in your thoughts or concerns. Join us as we examine topics such as divorce, adult children, part-time work, and more.

The Truth About Part-Time Work and Volunteering in Retirement

Part-time work and volunteering are two of the most popular things people plan to do once they retire. While both can go a long way to help retirees they can also come with challenges that are seldom talked about, let alone planned for. That makes it more important than ever to reveal the truth... to have open and honest discussions about what working part time and...

Eight Wall Street Words Every Retiree Needs To Know

People today are more responsible for their retirement than ever before. That means they need to know the key areas, relevant topics and questions to ask. Whether you've recently retired or are coming up on the horizon, you can feel confident in using these eight Wall Street words and concepts to help make the most of your life savings.

Hedging Retirement Fears

We live in a rapidly evolving, fragile economy that's changing the way people need to invest and manage their money. It used to seem so easy; you picked 8-10 different mutual funds, put them on autopilot, and felt good when your statements arrived. Today there is no easy way. We're printing money like never before, our debt-to-GDP ratio is out of control, and spending on entitlement, healthcare and similar programs is...

Retirement Secrets No One Is Telling You About

The most powerful and compelling guide for recruiting and encouraging baby boomers to start a business. It's packed full of research and statistics on the personal and financial benefits of starting your own business, as well as essential inspiration to...

Naked Retirement On Demand - Workshop

Join Robert Laura on screen as he takes you through the Naked Retirement exercise and shares personal ad other stories that will leave you inspired and ready to the discover the best of what's next in retirement.

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